Ben Adkins – The Dental Marketing Funnel Masterclass


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Ben Adkins – The Dental Marketing Funnel Masterclass

Ben Adkins – The Dental Marketing Funnel Masterclass

Price : $1500
Sale Page :


Your Step by Step System to Getting Paid Monthly to Help Dentist

Offices Generate Leads Using the Power of Facebook.
(and… you’ll get your first client in the next 30 Days… Guaranteed)
What’s Inside of the Dental Marekting Master Class?

Part 1: 

How to Find the Perfect Dentist To Work With in Your Business.
The Complete System to Making Sure that you Locate the Right Dentists to Work with Before you even contact them the first time. This saves you hours of time because you’ll only be after the Perfect Dental Clients.
Value: $199.95
Part 2:
Getting Past the Gatekeeper.
One of the hardest things that most people face when they decide to work with Local Businesses is getting past the gatekeeper to talk to someone who can make a decision. We’ve completely Crushed this Problem and you don’t have to be a smooth talker to make it work. (This is the secret sauce for most of our new students).
Value: $499.95
Part 3:
How to Get a Dental Office to Take a Chance on You if You’re New.
In this section of the training you’ll learn exactly how to get an office to sign up with you because you’re brand new. This flips conventional wisdom on its head but it works like nothing you’ve ever seen to get a dentists office to “take a shot” on your lead generation service.
Value: $499.95
Part 4:
How to Setup and Run the Lead Generation Service for the Dentist.
From start to finish you’re going to learn how to setup the machinery and drive real customers into a dental office. This one skill is something that will bring a lifetime of value to your business. THIS IS POWERFUL.
Value: $1999.95
Part 5:
How to Charge $1200-$3500 in Recurring Fees Monthly.
I’ll show you exactly how to command big monthly fees for your service. (and yes… this works even if you’ve never charged anywhere near this for anything you’ve done online.) The secret is that you’ve already PROVED your value before you even ask.
Value: $999.95

Part 6: 

How to Manage the Day to Day
I don’t want you to create another “crappy job” for yourself. I want to show you how to manage 10 clients in just a few hours a week. In this section I show you how to build up
 your business and run it so that you have money and freedom. (THIS IS CRUCIAL)
Value: $499.95

Part 7: 

How to Scale to 10 Clients in 90 Days 
Simply Put…
 I want this to be something that replaces whatever else
 you’re doing so that you have a full time income and can 
finally focus on one thing. I’ll show you how to scale your
 first client into 10 (and do it all by yourself).
Value: $999.95


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