Bernadette Logue – Live With Inner Peace


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Bernadette Logue – Live With Inner Peace

Bernadette Logue – Live With Inner Peace

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Do you find yourself getting frustrated?
Find it difficult to maintain peace, calm and positivity?
Do your own thoughts keep dragging you down!?
Do people or situations keep triggering you?

  • Battling your own negative thoughts and feelings?
  • Being triggered into negative reaction because of other people or situations?
  • Unsure how to be calm in the face of your circumstances?
  • Tired of every day challenges draining your energy and stealing your peace?
  • Resisting life, unable to accept the things you can’t control?
  • Trying to control those things anyway?!
  • Lost in the details and demands of daily life?
  • Feeling disconnected from your intuition?
  • Feeling separate, unsupported, like you’re missing something, like you don’t belong, or having existential questions/angst?
  • Experiencing fear, anxiety, stress, worry or doubt?
  • Burdened by the past and unable to let it go?
  • Wanting greater self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love?
  • Ready to step into a much brighter, peaceful and empowered future?

You’re Not Alone in
Feeling This Way

Most of us know what it’s like to experience a moment of inner peace.

Those moments sometimes arise because we’ve had a moment of “awe and wonder”. Like seeing a sunrise, looking into a baby’s face, or experiencing deep gratitude for something that has happened.

We also experience moments of inner peace when the conditions of our lives (e.g relationships, finances, career, health) are going our way, and we feel in control.

But few people experience sustainable inner peace.

  • We all know we can’t control everything in life. Life is like a roller coaster at times, and the ups and downs in outer circumstances send most people into a yo-yo cycle of up and down emotions to match.

  • It’s truly exhausting. I know that you know what I mean! We’ve all experienced it at some point.

  • The reason most people don’t have sustainable inner peace is because they don’t realize they can. They just accept that peace is only possible in some situations, and not others. So their peace is a conditional experience, which is outside of their control. Leaving them at the whim of life and whatever reactive emotions arise as a result.

  • And here’s the kicker… even if they knew inner peace was possible in ALL situations, and they really wanted it, their mind simply doesn’t support it because they’re clouded with pain-provoking perspectives that keep them stuck.

It’s amazing what happens when you’re given the perspective shifts and practical tools that you need in order to make inner peace real in your daily life…

Have Calm, Presence & Composure
Whenever You Need it

  • You truly can experience inner peace no matter what your circumstances.

  • Be in control of how you feel in situations that most people react negatively to.

  • Carry a calm center within yourself that nothing can ever take away from you.

  • Positively impact all areas of your life because of your peaceful energy (such as your health and wellbeing, your relationships and your career/business).

  • Create solutions and achieve goals with more power because of the perspectives you live from and the clarity you have.

  • Walk through life with a confidence, personal power and faith that others will see shining out of you!

  • View both the small situations of every day life, and the bigger picture of your life journey, from powerful spiritual and conscious living higher perspectives.

  • Bring inner peace to the forefront of your life in practical ways…

Let Me Show You How…


  • A 7-section online course with 12 hours of video coaching showing how to live with inner peace.

  • Guidance through the course for:

    • (A) changing your perspectives – by drawing upon wisdom about consciousness and how you function as a human being, as well as incorporating spiritual perspectives so you can view yourself, life and other people from higher truth, resulting in peace, and
    • (B) changing your approach to, and interaction with, challenging situations and people so you can create peace and powerful results in the moment through your choices, behavior and actions.
  • The entire course in downloadable mp3 audio format as well, for listening offline.

  • An epic practical “how to” section, with 15 modules addressing common challenges we face in life that disrupt our peace, along with a 35-page PDF guide supporting you to apply the peace invoking perspectives and practises in your daily life.

  • 3 calming rituals and 5 awareness enhancing practises you can draw upon to support your zen zone!

  • A stocktake exercise to assess key areas of your life, identifying anywhere you may need to make positive adjustments to support your peace, plus an accompanying PDF exercise sheet.

  • 6 mantra/affirmation audios exclusive to the course that reinforce key messages from practical modules in the course, further ingraining important mindset shifts.

  • 5 meditation/visualization audios to help you let go, feel relief and melt into peace, guiding you to a peaceful mindset, and supporting relaxation.

  • Lifetime access to the course in our online private Members Area.

  • On-demand access to the entire course as soon as you register.

  • Complete flexibility to enjoy the course at your own pace and to revisit it any time you wish.


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