Boosting Profits with Options


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Boosting Profits with Options

Boosting Profits with Options

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Options have the potential to dramatically enhance any Trading Method. They can provide increased leverage to enhance returns. They can also be used to reduce risk and lock in profits, and generate income through the sale of option premium.

The versatility of options makes them very powerful, but it also makes the subject complex. In this course, we will focus on simplifying and illuminating option trading concepts with the help of OptionTrader.

OptionTrader makes it easy for anyone to trade options effectively, but having a clear understanding of the various option strategies makes it easier to decide which approach to use within a given Method.

In Boosting Profits with Options, students will gain a clear understanding of how to use options to enhance the profits of any of the Trading Methods we teach, and also how to create new Methods based on the application of option strategies.


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