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Bozi Dar – Internal Interview Formula

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Brian worked hard throughout the year and is now ready for a job promotion. He just applied for an attractive internal role and was invited for an interview next week.

However, he is worried that decision makers already have an ingrained perception about him and that the hiring decision may already have been made….

He is additionally afraid of failing during the interview, embarrassing himself, ruining his current reputation and than waiting for a few more years for the next opportunity to arrive.

In the past, in order to prepare for internal interviews, he would try to anticipate interview questions…only to find himself nervous and unprepared when the interview actually happened.

He decided to do things differently this time – he wants to prepare properly, stay confident during interview, use all available evidence he has to convince the hiring manager that he is the right person for the job and finally get that next level job.

Question is – where to start and whose advice to follow?

If you are in a similar situation like Brian and you are asking yourself this question, I have some good news for you.

Internal Interview Formula is a step-by-step, action packed course on how to nail the job promotion interview. The course is co-created for you by the world’s #1 career acceleration expert and one of the top world experts on job interviews.

The course consists of the 4 modules – all you have to do is follow the modules, do a little bit of work on your side and just trust the process – that’s all:

  • Module #1: Three Hidden Reasons Why Internal Interviews Matter
  • Module #2: Five Ways in Which Internal Interview is Different From an External One
  • Module #3: Three Steps to Prepare Like a Pro
  • Module #4: How to Handle Top 10 Internal Interview Questions

At the end of the course, you will be 100% ready for your next job promotion interview and you will know EXACTLY what to say and when.


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