Broken Wing Butterfly (BWB) in 3 Hours


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Broken Wing Butterfly (BWB) in 3 Hours

Broken Wing Butterfly (BWB) in 3 Hours

Product Description

BWB Mini-Course

We are PROUD to announce the 3 hour (may go 4 hours if time is needed and questions are plentiful) BWB Mini-Course . This is the first step we are undertaking as part of reinventing ourselves, and making the material more understandable to the majority of people. This very fast paced class will seem like it lasted 30 minutes, and will include:


  • What is a Broken Wing Butterfly (BWB)
  • Why, when and how to maximize them
  • How they are priced
  • What happens to them under varying conditions
  • When to take a profit


  • How to stay out of trouble in very low volatility situations
  • How to adjust them when needed
  • Risk averse premium selling concepts using the BWB
  • Call BWBs and why we don’t use them until implied volatility gets >17% (measure by the VIX).

Video Contents

  • I. Introduction: How the Session is Constructed
  • II. What is Butterfly and Concerns of a Butterfly
  • III. How to Construct a BWB
  • IV. How Does a BWB Make Money
  • V. How to Find a BWB
  • VI. How to Select the Strike Prices
  • VII. Intermediate BWB and Example

Who is This For?
Really anyone who has an interest in this fascinating strategy. For the first time BWB student, this video is designed to give a more visual (instead of text) explanation of the BWB. For the advanced BWB trader there will still be some important concepts to learn.

Level Two (and higher)
Think of this as watching Moby Dick instead of reading the book. You will not get the whole book in a 3 hour movie, but it is easier to understand for a lot of people. In addition, we will be picking up where the text stopped – BWBs for the current markets and short term BWBs. More criteria on the timing of the trade will also be included.

What’s Different From the Text?
What is different is that we will be adding on where the text left off. We will discuss low volatility BWBs, trading BWBs as a means of selling volatility cheaply, high volatility BWBs, adjusting techniques, etc. All of this is new and thought out in an easy to follow format (along with great examples).

Some people love reading. Others find it easier to learn through video, or a virtual classroom. As such this video will include all the major concepts of the text in an overview. But instead of focusing on the minutia of the trade, it will go beyond what is in the text in a more practical format.


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