Cherif Medawar – ICRE – 3 Day RE Commercial Bootcamp


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Download Cherif Medawar – ICRE – 3 Day RE Commercial Bootcamp Now!

Don’t know much about this product except it was recorded from a bootcamp in Santa Clara, CA and cost $3000 to attend.

Also included are some bonus audios of another 3 day commercial bootcamp held by ICRE and a different speaker.

Cherif Medawar has many scam and ripoff report flags popping up all over the internet. Looks like his company does most of the shady things expected from a RE guru, including upselling, not refunding customers etc…It also looks like they changed his company name from ICRE to CMREI…probably from all the bad press I’m sure..

Keeping that in consideration, this bootcamp looks to be be older than the existing Medawar torrent here:

Despite the foregoing, this torrent looks to give the basics of Commercial Real Estate. Especially if you’d like some help understanding some of the hard stuff in the Dandrew material that’s on theVault..

Let me know what you think about it..


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