Coachville – Play Two Win


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Coachville – Play Two Win

Coachville – Play Two Win

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What you will learn:

Inherent Force: The Spirit of Play

You can escape the industrial age perfection trap that makes it nearly impossible to try new things – a trap that has probably had you stuck for years.  You will learn how to enjoy playing again and play better through game planning, skills practice, inner freedom and designing a winning environment.  And naturally, you will do these things with everyone you coach!

Coaching Super Power: Game Design

Engagement is the currency of the new economy!  It is the THING every company and every community is yearning for. When you can “design the game” in any endeavor and then coach your players to play better, you have the key to engagement in business and in life!

Key Distinction: Control vs. Influence

In the Industrial Age we were trained to minimize our activities to that which we could control.  This way we can avoid mistakes and failure.
As we move into the Connected Age we realize that control is mostly an illusion.  There are no “right answers” to most life situations.  So the game is to give up the illusion of control and instead play for positive influence.

The definition of a game: any activity with an outcome that you can NOT control, but you can influence with your energy, creativity, strategy, skill and action.

Big Breakthrough: Make failure an option!

In the Industrial Age we were taught to avoid failure.  Dictum’s like: “failure is not an option” and “do it right the first time or don’t do it at all”, ruled the day.  While it is wise to avoid carelessness, if you play your day with the intention to avoid failure you have to keep your life really small.  This is no way to live!  When you are willing to fail, you are free to play; to create; to try new things; to go for bigger things; to take risks… to REALLY LIVE!

Learning how to learn from failure is essential to becoming a great player in any endeavor!

The 9 Steps of the Play Two Win Method

  1. Define the purpose and objectives of the game
  2. Design the actions of the game
  3. Play the game
  4. Respond to challenges
  5. Evaluate progress
  6. Game plan to leverage strengths
  7. Practice the skills of the game
  8. Expand inner freedom
  9. Design winning environments

How this program will make you a better coach

  1. You will dramatically increase your confidence because you have a reliable method that gets results.
  2. You will develop the ability to help your player craft an effective personalized game plan.
  3. You will develop the ability to teach your player how to play the game better by practicing and refining the skills of the game
  4. You will develop the ability to expand inner freedom through playing and facing challenges
  5. You will develop the ability to create environments for sustainable results.
  6. You will learn the powerful distinctions between work and play – and you will discover how to PLAY in the serious games of life: like business, career, family and romance.
  7. You will learn how to elicit greatness using play pattern language – the natural language of the coaching craft
  8. You will learn how to determine if the game your player wants to play is winnable or not
  9. You will learn how to outline the activities of any life or business game and identify the game plans, skills, sources of inner resistance and environments for each one.
  10. You will learn the ONE BIG QUESTION that you MUST ASK EVERY NEW CLIENT


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