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Get your PhD in commercial real estate and learn how to create considerable wealth from distressed commercial assets.
Non-performing loans are some of the most lucrative deals you’ll close.
Follow our system and live the dream.

Our flagship product, Distressed Commercial Real Estate Triage Live, provides you with an incredible opportunity to learn how to quietly build an empire in commercial real estate by structuring deals using none of your own money or credit while taking passive equity stakes. Our comprehensive real estate investment banking system consists of 25 hours of video covering every aspect of the distressed asset and revealing deal structuring strategies only known to Wall Street’s inner circle.

Why spend countless hours struggling in the residential housing market when you can play with the big boys and make the real money? Dandrew’s commercial real estate system doesn’t just give you the basics, we provide you with a step-by-step process to close deals. Our in-depth tutorials are an advanced study of the inner workings of commercial real estate. Unless you have an MBA from Harvard, you would never have the opportunity to break through into this prestigious industry. Distressed Commercial Real Estate Triage Live will teach you industry basics, the inner-workings of distressed real estate, how to identify commercial bankruptcy opportunities and effective deal structuring techniques.

You’ll walk away from our tutorial smarter than the next guy, feeling motivated, prepared and have a strategic plan of action in place. We’ll outline the exact steps you should implement to begin your career and find the success you’ve been aspiring to achieve. There’s a reason why seasoned commercial real estate professionals are turning to Dandrew Media’s comprehensive learning system. Our financing tactics are some of the most innovative in the industry. We continue to stay abreast of this ever-changing industry supplying our Intermediaries with the latest, most successful business practices and financing techniques. Your future awaits. Let Dandrew Media lead the way.

Intermediaries Will Learn:

Introduction Into Distressed Real Estate
Gain a solid foundation into the inner workings of the distressed asset. Intermediaries will learn why properties become distressed, how commercial foreclosures and bankruptcies work and the types of loan defaults (monetary vs non-monetary).

Capital Structure Basics
Intermediaries will gain a comprehensive understanding of mezzanine loans, preferred equity loans, senior loans and super C loans. Loan principles and deal structuring techniques are shared giving Intermediaries insight into the different types of debt products in commercial real estate.

Banking Business Strategies in a Distressed Market
Discover valuable strategies that can take your career to the next level. You’ll learn the major types of lenders, questions to ask defaulted sellers and owners and how to uncover red-flags on a non-performing commercial note sale. Intermediaries will learn how to dissect a non-performing loan and know how to formulate the best loan structure for each property.

Deal Structuring
Become proficient in capital structure strategies used in commercial real estate. Intermediaries will know the exact process needed to successfully modify a loan that is facing maturity default.

Build a Solid Reputation
Don’t just talk the talk, we’ll show you how to walk the walk. It’s imperative that you not only know how to talk the industry lingo, but can follow through with what you say. With the help of our system, you’ll be able to communicate effectively with industry professionals and quickly prove to be a reliable source. We’ll provide you with the education you need to build rapport. Your contacts will turn to you because you get deals closed.


Product Delivery – You will receive Content Access Via Email.
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