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David Ford - $0-$100day with Free Traffic

David Ford – $0-$100/day with Free Traffic

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New Course – $0-$100/day With ‘Free’ Traffic

I just finished my newest course – Free Traffic Domination. This is a completely new class that has never been taught before. You can be the very first to get this material! This is a very unique course. Read on to get the details…

Who am I?

Most of you know me from the Aff Playbook forum, but for those that don’t or who just joined, I’ll share a short bio.
I started online marketing over a decade ago when I was sick of my day job and looking for a way to finally work for myself. It wasn’t too long before I was making enough money to quit my job and start living my dream of running my own business.

Over the last decade, I’ve:

– Been the top (highest revenue generating) affiliate at several networks
– Consulted affiliate networks and traffic sources to help them grow
– Ran countless successful campaigns across the most popular traffic sources and niches
– Personally coached thousands of affiliates
– Built the Aff Playbook forum
– Held multiple sold out private masterminds across the country

I love online marketing because it’s enabled me to live life on my terms. For me, that means owning a comfortable house in an upscale Northern California neighborhood. It means feeling secure and knowing the bills are getting paid. Maybe best of all, it means being able to take off whenever I feel like it, whether it’s for a nice day out of the office or a first-class European vacation. I’m not that concerned with turning life into an extended rap video, but who knows – maybe I’m saving that for the mid-life crisis. The point is that online marketing is full of opportunity and it’s been really good to me (and many, many others).
I also love teaching and mentoring others. It’s an awesome feeling when someone you’ve helped can totally transform their life!

The idea behind this class

This is a 100% brand new, never taught before class that focuses on building your income as fast as possible without using paid traffic, or having a large budget.
This class is unique in that it doesn’t focus only on affiliate marketing, or only on one specific technique. You’ll learn many different strategies that can be used on their own, but you’ll also learn how to build something that incorporates every strategy and technique together.

This class is perfect if you want to:

  • Start making money as soon as possible without investing in paid traffic
  • Build multiple streams of income
  • Be diversified so your income doesn’t disappear overnight
  • Learn a thorough step by step system you can follow & succeed with

This class is not for you if:

  • You don’t want to take action
  • You expect to be rich in a week
  • You are looking for some ‘secret’ formula to make money

What’s the Class About?

This class is a complete A-Z course on building a diversified, consistent income that grows month after month without relying on paid traffic. You’ll finally be able to build a full time income without risking money on paid traffic campaigns.

I’m going to present a step by step system that’s easy to follow. I like teaching things that can be broken down into a system because if you follow a proven plan, you’re much more likely to succeed.

The projects I’m teaching in this class have the following benefits:

  • You don’t need to invest money in paid traffic
  • They remove any and all guesswork. I’m going to teach you exactly what to do so you aren’t left wondering.
  • Everything is easy to follow and duplicate
  • This can be scaled and outsourced as far as you want to take it
  • You will have a real assets that won’t disappear overnight

The 4 Core Modules to Dominate Free Traffic

There are 4 Core modules in this class. One is taught each week through an extensive live webinar followed by a Q&A session.

Within each module there are multiple projects you can make money with. The course will not only show you how to make money with those, but how to combine them into one very profitable project.

This course won’t be just a lecture and Power Point slides. I’m going to show you how I used these techniques on my own projects. You’ll see stats, income numbers, the whole works. In addition, I’m going to be building an example site during the presentations to show you exactly what I am thinking about each step of the way.

Below is a general description of each module. The modules are designed to be part of one, awesome cash generating project, HOWEVER each one can be used as a stand alone project too.

Module 1 – The Foundation Site

In this module, you’ll learn how to build the type of site I call a foundation site. There are multiple types and ways to build these, but I’ll teach you a way that is fast and scaleable.
The best part is, you can build this type of site without writing endless content! I’ll show you a number of ways to grow your site without being glued to the keyboard writing.

You’ll learn exactly what niches to choose if you want to actually make money and which niches not to waste your time on.

In just this first module alone, I’m going to show you how just one of these sites can generate over 10 streams of income!! This one module could easily turn into a full time income.

The awesome thing about this project is how it grows over time. We’re going to leverage every advantage available by using the other modules so your income keeps growing year after year.

Module 2 – The Power of Leveraged Traffic

There is a lot of free traffic out there. The problem is people don’t know how to tap into it or leverage it. I will show you the best ways to drive a lot of traffic without spending a dime.

You’ll learn what traffic sources want, how they work, and how to use that to your advantage. Once you understand the ins and outs of each traffic source, you’ll be able to use each one to it’s fullest potential.
These are NOT slow methods that will take months and months either. If you apply everything in the module, you can start seeing results relatively quickly.

Every method in this module can be used to drive traffic to your foundation site OR directly to affiliate offers and other monetization methods. That means you can do this module alone without building a site. Each way has it’s advantages but there’s no reason you can’t do both!

I’m going to share examples and case studies of people who drive massive amounts of traffic from each of these channels.

Driving a lot of traffic is great, but we also want traffic that converts! You’ll learn why some sites get a lot of traffic and don’t make any money, while others get less traffic and make way more. There are some subtle specifics that people miss that make a huge difference.

Module 3 – Super Monetization Strategies

Monetization is what we’re ultimately after. We want to build a diversified stream of income that won’t dry up.

I’m going to teach you, in depth, how to build over 10 streams of income just off one single project. Imagine if you had even just a few projects with 10+ streams of income each! It’s not hard, you just have to follow through with the plan.

This module will introduce you to the concept of income paths. This is the system you’ll use to start generating income from the projects in this class.

When most people monetize something they think of promoting some affilaite offers, putting ads on their site, etc. That’s an ok way to do it, but there is a FAR superior way that lets you make MORE money faster.
So how do you do this? By using very specific monetization methods and strategies at specific stages.

Each step you advance on the path, you’ll be adding another layer of income WHILE increasing your conversion rate at the same time. You’ll learn how to leverage this method until you’ve built multple streams of income that all work together. If you do this correctly, you don’t even need a lot of traffic to make tons of money.

Module 4 Hyper Targeted List Building & Automated Interaction

Building an email list is a great long term strategy, but the traditional way of doing it is becoming less effective as the way people receive and digest content has changed.

Instead of simply ‘building a list’, I’m going to teach you how to build it so people want to read it. This is called hyper-personalization and it’s the next big thing with list building. This method gets results that traditional email strategies never could. You can start to use this strategy before it gets saturated.

Think about this – everyone who comes to our opt-in form, wants something a little different. Sure, it might be the same niche, but each individual person has a specific reason for opt-ing in. I’ll teach you how to find out what they want, and how to segment your list & discover the most profitable parts.

This module is on list building, but that doesn’t stop at email. You’ll also learn how to build a list of people who can receive push notifications through desktop and mobile. These messages get opens and clicks that traditional email marketing can’t match.

I’ll also teach you how to use bots to automate parts of your list building in ways you didn’t know existed. Find out how to leverage this powerful strategy that can help grow your lists on autopilot.

What else do I get?

You want more?! Ok…

My goal is to make this my class with the most successful students ever. This is a fun challenge for me, and I’m going to use everything at my disposal to make it happen.

When you sign up for this class, you’ll get one year of web hosting for these projects for FREE! Yes – 1 year of web hosting for these projects will cost you $0.

You want even more!?!

You’ll also get access to an exclusive members area where you can ask questions, network, and request free project audits.

Project audits are where I look at your project in depth, and give you specific, actionable advice on how to improve it, and make it more successful.

Questions and Answers:

How much budget do I need? Do I need to spend money on any extra tools or services?

You could do almost every single project without spending any money. I’m serious – there is really nothing you absolutely have to spend money on to get these going. To get the most out of each project however, you’ll need a small budget for various things like domain names.

Will I make money and be profitable?

This is a really impossible to answer. Like any training I do, this is not a magic push button system. I know with 100% certainty that everything I teach in this class works, because I’m currently making money with each project. You will make money if you are willing to put in the work and stick with it. There are generally two types of students I see in my classes:

  1. They take the class, and put in a little effort, but don’t see results as fast as they think they should so they lose interest and quit. These students usually have the idea they should be making money within a certain timeframe. If they aren’t, they usually don’t keep going.
    2. These students take the class, learn the techniques behind each module, and stick with it until they are successful. A big reason these students succeed is that they aren’t focused on ‘when’ they will start making money, they instead focus on the fact they are going to make money at some point if they keep going.So in summary, if you think ‘I should be making money within 1 week’, then get disappointed if you aren’t and stop putting in as much effort you probably won’t be successful. If you think ‘I know I’ll make money with these techniques if I keep at it’, then you will be successful.Is this for beginners or advanced markers?

This class is open to any level. The projects aren’t very technical, so they are completely appropriate for beginners. They do have the potential to earn considerable money, so it’s also appropriate for experienced marketers looking to build new income streams. This is a unique class where I teach simple techniques that have the potential to earn great money and build stable income.

Do I get lifetime access to the material?

Absolutely! You’ll have an exclusive members area you can access the material anytime.

What time will be webinars be?

The time hasn’t been set, but they will be sometime during my normal waking hours (Pacific time). It’s not totally essential that you attend the webinars. They will of course be recorded and posted to the members area.

You must apply and be accepted

To make sure people get the most out of each class, I need to have people with similar goals, work ethic, and experience. Because of that, I will be screening applicants to see if they would be a good fit. Don’t let this scare you off, I just want to create a group of like minded individuals to give everyone the best chance for success.


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