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Gary Parente - High Dollar Questions A Proven Sales Methodology for Closing Large SEO Deals

Gary Parente – High Dollar Questions A Proven Sales Methodology for Closing Large SEO Deals

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A highly researched, widely implemented sales methodology developed over multiple years by studying 35,000 sales calls, adapted specifically for SEO sales.

In this training, I prescriptively adapt the best-validated sales method available for big business sales to the SEO market. In separate digestible modules, I talk about the psychology of the “large sale”, the questions you should and shouldn’t ask to SEO decision makers and decision influencers, provide working examples of conversations you should and shouldn’t have when selling your SEO services, offer suggestions for exercises and practice to hone your sales skills, and give you examples of questions you can ask TODAY to your current SEO prospects to develop their needs and advance the sale towards closure. I teach you how to ask the right questions to build perceived value in your service and products, how to turn tire kickers into champions for your product within the organization, and get to the heart of why your prospects need your SEO services. The entire methodology is based on facts and research and has been implemented by some of the largest sales forces in the world today. I take this methodology and boil it down specifically for the SEO market, adapt it to conversations you will have with digital marketing professionals within organizations, VPs of Marketing, and even CEOs. If implemented, your relationships with clients will improve post-sale, you will better manage expectations, you will deliver more perceived value to your clients, and you will be able to justify higher prices for your services.

Class Curriculum

High Dollar Questions: A Proven Sales Methodology for Closing Large SEO Deals

  • Video 1: Introduction (2:37)
  • Video 2: The 4 Essential Questions (7:12)
  • Video 3: Scenario Questions (2:52)
  • Video 4: Issue Questions (2:12)
  • Video 5: Ramification Questions (7:06)
  • Video 6: Benefit Questions (9:00)
  • Video 7:. Ramification vs Benefit Exercise (2:24)
  • Video 8: Practice and Exercise (5:35)
  • Video 9: Conclusion (1:07)


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