Gregoire Dupont Todd Mitchell – price action profits formula v2 Todd Mitchell – price action profits formula v2


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Gregoire Dupont Todd Mitchell – price action profits formula v2 Todd Mitchell – price action profits formula v2

Todd Mitchell – price action profits formula v2

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From: Todd Mitchell
Bingham Farms, MI

Imagine reading a stock, index, commodity or forex chart with the same ease as reading a newspaper …

That’s the exact skill set you’ll develop inside The Price Action Profits Formula.

So what is The Price Action Profits Formula?

Well, let’s face it: 26 years ago, you didn’t have today’s fancy charting programs …

But this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

You see, if you wanted to uncover hidden buying and selling opportunities, you had to plot the open, high, low and close… by hand.

So that’s exactly what I did.

One. Bar. At. A. Time.

I drew tens of thousands of price bars …

And created hundreds of charts.

It was painfully grueling work until something completely unexpected happened.

One day I noticed, what used to be just regular price bars turned into a repeatable, predictable patterns and rhythms.

At first, I couldn’t believe what I saw …

So I frantically went over all of my charts, back-testing my findings…

They were legit.

Then I began to forward test what I found.

And it made me famous.

Hi Todd, I can’t thank you enough for kindly sharing this powerful eye-opening information. This is the closest it gets to the “holy grail of trading”


My broker, who was stunned by my ability to read and accurately interpret charts, started telling others about me.

And before I knew it, I was a 20-something-year-old guy on a plane to Wall Street, teaching my chart-reading secrets to some of New York’s top traders.

Twenty-six years later, the same secrets changed the lives of over 8,000 traders worldwide.

The Price Action Profits Formula is a specific technique within your overall trading strategy to accurately predict high-probability entry and exit points using 100% pure price action!

The reason we use price action is simple …

Price action is the only leading indicator in the world. Everything else lags.

That’s why members of The Price Action Profits Formula have such an uncommonly high accuracy rate.

But that’s not all you’ll find in The Price Action Profits Formula. You’ll also discover:

    • • How to read a chart with the same ease as reading a newspaper.
    • • The greatest trend-trading secret ever discovered, and how it can help you pinpoint whether you are in an up, down or sideways trend.
    • • Why the two most common words in trading are no longer “Overbought” and “Oversold.” (The reason why will shock you.) Understand the secret behind these two simple words and you’ve cracked a new code and ability to explode your profitability.
    • • The 9 most important price patterns that trigger more tops and bottoms than any others ever shown.
    • • How to use the laws of price to increase your profits. Traders have stupidly ignored a vast universe of scientific trading research. But my students have used this information to profit for decades, pulling money out of the markets often before everyone else. From now on, you too will know the most effective “rhythms” that forecast price movement.
    • • New rules on when and how to enter/exit a trade. You’ll learn simple secrets that translate the laws of price action into simple entry and exit strategies. For example, you’ll see how to set up a logical profit objective based on the market’s movement.
    • • Simple – sometimes even illogical – trading strategies to maximize your profit, reduce your risk and keep you on the right side of a trade, even while others remain blinded to the trade setup.


And so much more.

You get instant access to the entire online video training portal and all the training resources!

So how much is The Price Action Profits Formula?

Well, let me ask you a question …

How much are you willing to invest to substantially increase
your accuracy, reduce your losses, minimize your stress and
stay on the right side of a trade longer?

Since you’re serious about successful trading, my guess is this figure reaches well into the thousands of dollars.

So let me make you a deal…

Instead of paying my going rate of $1,000 per hour for private one-on-one training…

(And, as of now, there’s a 6-month waiting list before I can accept a new coaching student.)

You can have this entire program for a fraction of the 22 hours needed to create it.

In fact, all I ask is you invest one payment of $497 for all the video presentations and PDFs.

PLUS you’ll get LIFETIME access and LIFETIME updates the instant they’re available.

That way you’re guaranteed (see my note in the P.S. below) to always stay on the cutting edge of the newest charting breakthroughs.

AND because your success is so important to me …

When you enroll today, you have unlimited, LIFETIME personal support with me inside our members portal.

So if you have a question – any question – about the material or a trade, just send me a comment under the video and I will personally answer your question.

So now, with just a mouse click, you have one-on-one guidance from a professional trader. Let’s get started today!

Get Everything Today For Just One Payment of $497

Yours in trading success,

Todd Mitchell
CEO, Trading Concepts, Inc.

PS – Still on the fence? No problem.

Let me eliminate all your risk…

In addition to the entire Price Action Profits Formula, LIFETIME Access, LIFETIME Updates and LIFETIME online support with me – all for just one payment of $497 – I’ll give you my 100% guarantee.

1-Year Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t absolutely love this training and the results you achieve with Price Action Profits Formula…

And you don’t see how my chart-reading techniques are worth at least 25 times more than you paid for this course just this year alone…

Call my office and I’ll rush you a complete, 100% refund. No questions asked.

Get Everything Today For Just One Payment of $497


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