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Hard Money Financier™

Hard Money Financier™

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For many reasons, regular investors are now looking at real estate investments as their safety net.
Are you prepared to market, attract and successfully close deals with this newfound source of capital and eager investor?

With increasing anxiety about the stock market as well as economic and political problems overseas, regular investors are seeking safety in the form of being able to invest closer to their home in real estate-related assets.

The unsettling uncertainty in traditional investing, coupled with persistent low interest rates and a dwindling number of income producing investments available to regular investors, is the driving force behind more investors becoming private lenders for qualified real estate deals.

This is where you come into play.

Most of these regular investors show little or no interest in learning the business and would prefer to invest passively alongside a qualified and experienced real estate investor. Hard Money Financier was designed to teach experienced brokers and investors how to raise capital and the mechanics of running a mortgage pool like a fund manager. New investors unfamiliar with private lending, will learn how to find, qualify, underwrite and manage private loans backed by real estate.

Dandrew Media’s partners have taken their decades of experience on Wall Street and investing in commercial real estate and developed this system to share their industry secrets and deal structuring strategies to the mainstream investor.

Real estate is an equal opportunity wealth creator, but only for those who have the insight and are trained to see what everyone can’t. Dandrew Media isn’t just another seminar. It’s a career and it works. It’s for those who are motivated and want to achieve greatness. You may not work on Wall Street or have attended Harvard School of Business, but don’t let that stop you from achieving prosperity. It’s time to build your career and gain respect. Invest in Hard Money Financier. It’s your time. Your future awaits.

Intermediaries Will Learn

What is hard money lending?
The essence of Hard Money Financier is to teach Intermediaries the intricacies of hard money lending, why it’s an important financing option in todays economy and how you need to apply key strategies in your finance business.

Why hard money lenders have failed
It is crucial to learn from others mistakes and we will delve into the past sharing the industries most prevalent commercial business mistakes to ensure you do not follow in their footsteps.

Common underwriting oversights
Inadequate underwriting policies played a huge factor in why hard money lenders failed. The top 10 underwriting mistakes are discussed in detail.

Hard money business models
You can be well versed in hard money lending but true success cannot be obtained without applying the industry’s insider strategies and the most commonly used hard money business models used on Wall Street today. This is where you’ll learn to think like a bank and not a landlord. It’s time to build that career you’ve been wanting and Hard Money Financier will make it happen.

Underwriting the Borrower
Executing successful underwriting practices is key to closing the deal. Intermediaries will learn all facets of the underwriting process. The general underwriting matrix is explained, most common types of liens, file preparation, how to read a credit report and lending on non-owner occupied properties.

Property Valuation
Intermediaries must know how to estimate the value of a property and Hard Money Financier will get you up to speed on this often times confusing practice. Learn how to demystify the Broker Price Opinions and the factors affecting the BPO. After completing this course, you’ll have colleagues asking you for assistance with their property valuation questions.

Repair Escrows
It’s imperative that you know how to work with title companies. Escrow agreement best practices will be shared, offering an example of an escrow agreement for a hands-on classroom experience.

Cross Collateralization
Negotiating terms of cross collateralization are essential to the deal’s livelihood. Our key negotiating techniques are shared positioning you for continued success. Being abreast on how releases of cross collateralization are accomplished is just as important. Routine industry practices are shared.

Bonus Material

With the purchase of Hard Money Financier you’ll also receive TEN bonus Infographics!

Dandrew Media’s Infographics were created with one main goal: To keep our Intermediaries organized by not just telling them “what to do” but to show them exactly “how to do it”. Specially designed to keep our Intermediaries working smarter not harder, each Infographic is the ultimate desktop resource that you need to keep your pipeline full, deals progressing and successful closes. Our colorful, user-friendly Infographics were designed to print out at an impressive size of 17″ x 11″ and hang on your office wall.


How to Use the FDIC Website Residential & Commercial
We’re known for revealing incredible methods for sourcing deals and this trick is hands down one of the best and most effective. Every Intermediary needs to routinely conduct this search to build up steam and increase your closing ratio. If you’re not using the FDIC to market, than you are losing money by the second.


Hard Money Lending – Where to Find Qualified Borrowers
You may know how to structure deals and you may have exceptional selling skills, but if you can’t find qualified borrowers than your private lending business will quickly become stagnant. This Infographic showcases the top 10 methods to find the right borrower for your deals. Are you marketing effectively?


6 Ways to Underwrite Your Borrower
Loans are good when made, great when paid. Establishing and executing crucial pre-qualifying guidelines is the key to every successfully closed loan. You can’t afford to not know these six questions to ask every borrower, every time.


Building a Complete File
It’s essential that you don’t focus solely on how to structure deals but maintain incredible organization. Commercial real estate is a fast paced, cutthroat business and this Infographic is your blueprint to maintain critical organization at all times. Take a look at your current filing system. Need help?


Hard Money Lending Commercial Business Mistakes
It’s time to learn from others mistakes. If you’re closing hard money deals, then you must know the top ten reasons why so many others have failed. You wouldn’t believe a few of the reasons that made our list. Don’t let it happen to you.


Hard Money Lending Common Underwriting Oversights
Underwriting is the single most important task in every commercial deal. We tell our Intermediaries time and time again, to focus on developing a strong pre-qualification system. This Infographic reveals the most common underwriting mistakes.


Hard Money Lending Fund Structure Blueprint
There are multiple benefits to investing in a mortgage pool and it’s essential that Intermediaries have a strong grasp of the funding lifecycle surrounding these types of investments. You’re working on building a strong quality reputation in this industry and it’s imperative that you have the answers when investors come to you. Don’t be caught off guard. Learn the fundamentals of hard money lending, specifically mortgage pool investments today.


Hard Money Lending Residential Underwriting Guidelines
This Infographic reveals the best underwriting strategies used by Investment Bankers today. If you’ve noticed your underwriting practices are lacking then this is one Infographic you need on your wall!


How to Read a BPO Cheat Sheet
Always be careful taking advice from someone who doesn’t have to live with the consequences. This Infographic is a must have checklist to use on all your Bulk REO deals. Don’t just read a BPO, analyze it. It’s time to learn how to identify the red flags like a pro.


Strategies for Starting a New Fund
If you’re starting a new fund it’s imperative that you have the commercial real estate expertise and resources to make the best decisions during each step of the process. This Infographic asks you the tough questions, ensuring that your syndication is on the right course. The strategies revealed in this Infographic will be used for years to come as you build your commercial real estate empire.

Capital Placement Series

Hard Money Financier falls under the ever-popular Capital Formation Series, describing in considerable detail many of Wall Street’s insider tricks of the trade to buying & holding, raising money to start a fund and using this capital to buy assets. In addition, it is included in the Capital Placement Series covering how Intermediaries can become a successful Capital Provider.


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