Hari Swaminathan – Beginners Options Trading Course


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Hari Swaminathan – Beginners Options Trading Course

Hari Swaminathan – Beginners Options Trading Course

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Beginners Options Trading Course


Over 20 hours of video materials and 18 modules. To become a master of Options, the first step is to start with a solid foundation.

No prior knowledge of any market, investing or trading required. Regardless of your background.

What Will I Get From This Course?

Unlock the complexities of financial markets

Let’s face it, financial markets are complex. There’s a daily onslaught of information, true, false and lots in between. Who can you trust ? YOU. In today’s world, you can depend only on yourself. Get informed about how markets, investing and trading works, a skill nearly indispensable.

Make Options Trading an Income Stream for Life

Options are unique, because they are based on Math. So this turns Options into a game of Strategy. Just like Chess. Now you have a income skill for LIFE, because the math is figured out. And they can NEVER CHANGE. Options can be traded from anywhere, with no regard to age, geography, time zone etc. These come in handy when thinking about retirement income and location independence.

Stop depending on financail advisors

Have you made investing decisions based on something you heard or read, or from a “tipster”, even though it made you uncomfortable? Even if you use money managers, you STILL need to talk the talk, and walk the walk. When you have information and knowledge, confidence follows.

Help and Support

Many beginners in Options have lots of questions as they go through the learning. You will also make several runs of the material, each time grasping a new nugget or two. With lifetime access, email support in 24 to 48 hours and free webinars, you have support, at no extra charge.


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