IPO Trading Strategies Home Study Program


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IPO Trading Strategies Home Study Program

IPO Trading Strategies Home Study Program

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This IPO Home Study Program packs decades of stock research into a course that will help you take advantage of the enormous opportunities offered by new companies.

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IPOs Offer Unique Opportunities for Big Gains!

This Home Study will provide you with the training and strategies you need to trade IPOs with more conviction and success. After years of extensive research in the study of IPO bases, Portfolio Manager Mike Webster will share his findings and analysis with you.

Mike will show you the essential characteristics of an IPO base and standard and alternative buy points. He will dive into the tricky aspect of IPO portfolio management – how do you handle an IPO stock after you buy it? He will also provide a detailed day-by-day analysis of several IPO bases and how to discern between a proper and faulty base.

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Do you want to buy the base most likely to make a model stock move? Put the odds in your favor and learn how to properly buy — and handle — an IPO base.

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2 DVD’s of Instruction:

Mike Webster hand-selected examples from the workbook and provides a detailed day-by-day analysis of dozens of IPO bases on the following topics:

  • Introduction to IPOs
  • The model IPO base
  • IPOs without a base
  • IPOs that never broke out
  • Failed IPO breakouts
  • IPO roundtrips
  • Short IPO moves
  • Long IPO moves
  • IPO portfolio management strategies
  • An oversized 11″x17″ example book with over 125 annotated stock examples!


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