J.L. Lord – Random Walk Trading Options Professional


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J.L. Lord – Random Walk Trading Options Professional

J.L. Lord – Random Walk Trading Options Professional

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Random Walk proudly presents the pinnacle of options education. This advanced product was born out of the genetic material of the previous RW products but built to the specifications of a natural evolution in trading knowledge. This is a must-have course for those craving knowledge beyond the ordinary and approaching (or exceeding) that of most floor traders.

Do not let the term “professional” scare you away. Anyone who has thumbed through an advanced option text book which displays complex option theoretical pricing models can be intimidated. By now in your education you know that models are important when determining the values on the greeks, but knowing how to do the calculations is not imperative. This course is a practical approach and teaches you how traders think. We won’t concern you with how theoreticians tweak models.

Starting with option synthetics the materials follow a logical sequence through box spreads, vertical equivalences, pin risk, greek applications, interest and dividend components in trades, call and put early exercise, myths of time spreads for credits, put-call parity, etc. Following the introduction, the powerful text and DVDs assist you in understanding many trading techniques: stock splits, put-call from a quantitative approach, program trading, and how to predict buy and sell programs. We even include a section on probability appropriate for beginning through intermediate math levels.

No Random Walk book would be complete without a practical application. Our step-by-step criteria assist you as a template in your trading. Too often, other courses or texts present material from a theoretical perspective, but once you are done with the material, you still don’t know the important pieces of the equation like what month, strike, and premium to trade or when to get in and out. This course would not be complete if we didn’t address these issues.

For a fraction of what lesser materials can cost, we are presenting the course in its entirety at a reasonable price. We listened to our students and our options professional course is the answer. These DVDs provide the seminar experience without the seminar cost. We are not happy unless you are successful, and trading is hard enough. View the DVDs in the convenience of your own home and at your own schedule. Don’t pass up this opportunity to take your trading knowledge to the next level. Floor traders look out!


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