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Dear Friend;

It’s absolutely true. I usually start my day talking to sellers, making offers and buying a property before I ever get through my first glass of iced tea in the morning, (I’m allergic to coffee) or get out of my pajamas.
When I first got started in the real estate business a few years ago, I was working in full-time sales logging thousands of miles each year because if I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid. Frankly, I was tired of the whole business. I just thought there had to be a better way to make a living.
Then I discovered real estate and quickly found out the best deals were going to be made only with sellers who were truly motivated to sell.
Once I decided I wanted to make a lot of money…and enjoy the good life that goes with it, I knew I needed to find a way to make it happen. And the way to that goal was to find motivated sellers who wanted and needed to sell.

Here’s proof

We started an ‘out of town owners’ mailing using your materials and have gotten excellent results. I have two houses under contract right now, not to mention a pile of leads that I am still trying to work through. As for lead generation, your system has given me ‘more bang for the buck’ than anything else I’ve done. I am totally sold on it.” Paul Andrews, Airline Pilot, Englewood, Florida
This Amazing System Works Whether You Are A Novice Investor Or A Seasoned Pro.
Almost everyday I get e-mails and faxes from my students sharing their success stories, and they tell me how my systems have changed their lives! As you read them, you will quickly see these are just average folks who were looking for a way to increase their business and find even more motivated sellers.


“If you want a turn-key direct mail system already done for you … better take a look at Kathy Kennebrook®’s Marketing Magic. She’s made it brain-dead simple to do these mailings and has created a masterpiece package for you that is very cheap and easy to follow.”

But don’t just take his word for it. Read on and find out what some of my students had to say about this unique direct mail system:

“By using your direct mail system to out-of-state owners, I was able to find, negotiate, and close on a deal putting no money down out of my own pocket. I will own the home free and clear in 10 years! I did this within 2 weeks of beginning your system.” Cindy and Mike George, Tampa, Florida

Ordinary people are making thousands of dollars using this unique marketing system in virtually every city and every state, everyday. And you can too! Here is some of the neat stuff you’ll learn using my systems:

· How to locate pre-foreclosure properties your competitors don’t know anything about.
· How to start from scratch and complete your first deal within 45 days.
· You’ll learn how to locate more deals in just a couple of weeks than you will be able to process in a year.
· How to find the owners of vacant, abandoned houses even when they don’t want to be found.
· How to carve a niche market for yourself by finding the most highly-motivated sellers that even your competition doesn’t know about.
· Why YOU don’t have to work hard to make this system a success. And how getting someone else to do all the work for you will make you rich!!
· Learn How To Automate The Follow-Up Process, The Deal-Making Process And Make Thousands More Without Ever Leaving Your Desk.
· How hundreds of students all over the country are getting houses deeded to them in beautiful neighborhoods and how you can too.
· How to find and make incredible deals with the owners of out of state properties.

These techniques are designed to identify and address a unique and virtually untapped marketplace of motivated sellers and show you how to approach these sellers in a way that will make them contact you.

“Wow! What a marketing product this package is. Not only did I close on a deal within a month of purchasing your materials, my phone is constantly ringing. I am on my way! This is all from using your marketing techniques. Sheela Dave, Tampa, Florida

Stop Searching For Sellers The Hard Way!!

· Implement this dummy proof, affordable and effective marketing system that will have motivated, qualified sellers contacting you.
· Position yourself out in front. Enjoy having the competitive edge with sellers who not only haven’t heard from your competition, they don’t even know they exist.
· Turn small marketing dollars into BIG profits with MINIMAL effort and HUGE results.
· Have an endless stream of motivated sellers practically begging you to take their properties off their hands.
· Learn how to put this system in someone else’s hands so you can close the deals with the many sellers who contact you.
· Pick out the marketing gems that work best for you in your area and capitalize on them for maximum profits.

Product Delivery – You will receive Content Access Via Email.
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