Non Performing Loan Pool Modeler


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Non Performing Loan Pool Modeler™

Non Performing Loan Pool Modeler™

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Raising money has never been so easy. 
This model will make you look like a super star. 
Are you ready to seal the deal?

There is nothing out there quite like this model. Non-Performing Loan Pool Modeler – Joint Venture Version is going to take your business to a new realm. Ideal for raising money around Bulk REO or NPL purchases in a joint venture structure, Intermediaries can use this model to show investors expected expenses and proceeds that each asset pool can expect to generate. If you’re trying to raise money then, you must be prepared to sell the deal. This remarkable model is easily customizable and will make you look like a super star. Every component of your project will be explained in extensive detail, making it an easy decision for investors to buy in. This modeler includes an in-depth property specific analysis, portfolio returns cash flow summary, upside & downside cash flow and foreclosure statistics. After reviewing this model, your investor will have a thorough understanding of their expectations and their returns.

Don’t even try to raise money without using this model. It’s time you work the Dandrew Media system. We don’t just tell you how to make money, we give you the tools you need to succeed. Countless Intermediaries have found success with Dandrew, and you can too.

Modeler Highlights

Credibility Builder
As with all our modelers, we give you the tools you need to build credibility. Prove to investors that you’re not just a flake broker. Our comprehensive project analysis will make you look like a commercial real estate expert.

Raise Money Like a Pro
You may be the best salesperson in the business, but if you don’t have the numbers to back up your sales pitch, you won’t close the deal. With our modeler, raising money has never been easier. The comprehensive model illustrates every component of the Bulk REO and NPL loan pool.

Money Talks
The bottom line is that investors will buy-in because of the forecasted return on the project. Our modeler exhibits exactly how their money will be utilized and the forecasted portfolio returns.

Loan Pools Simplified
We’ve taken the complex Bulk REO and NPL loan pool and simplified the project into an easy to understand financial analysis. Each of the seven spreadsheets help Intermediaries to uncover the nuts & bolts of the project.

What’s Included

Dandrew Media is passionate about helping our Intermediaries to be ultra-successful in commercial real estate. With over 20 years in the business, we’ve been around the block a time or two, and we know what it takes to attract investors and close the deal. Work our system and you too can live a prosperous life fueled by commercial real estate investing.

With the purchase of your modeler, you’ll receive:

* Instructional DVD
* Modeler Training Manual
* Fully- Customizable Modeler


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