Private Mortgage Pool Financial Modeler Debt Model


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Private Mortgage Pool Financial Modeler™ Debt Model

Private Mortgage Pool Financial Modeler™ Debt Model

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Pooling capital to make private loans?
We’ll take the headaches out of hard money lending.

This model was developed with one goal in mind: to help you gain credibility. Private Mortgage Pool Financial Modeler is an exceptional tool for Intermediaries to show any investor or bank exactly how well you know your business. You need strong numbers to back up your deal, and our Modeler will do just that. If you’re pooling capital to make private loans, then it’s time you step up your game. Our model will help you leverage you and your investor’s returns to help close the deal. Our debt-based model includes a special feature allowing Intermediaries to incorporate a credit facility into your mortgage pool.

Knowledge is power in commercial real estate. You may be a deal structuring pro, but if you don’t have the numbers to back up the project then you’re not going to close the deal. Intermediaries across the country are raving about Dandrew’s Modeler Series. Never again will you have to spend hours creating spreadsheets, hoping that your formulas are accurate. Our system is all about saving you time and helping you build relationships with industry professionals. Try our Modeler Series today and discover just how efficient you can work. If you want a lucrative career in commercial real estate, Dandrew can take you there.

Modeler Highlights

Become an Expert at Pooling Capital
Learn how the most successful commercial real estate professionals make a killing pooling capital. This modeler will bring your project to life.

Credibility Builder
As with all our modelers, we give you the tools you need to build credibility. Prove to investors that you’re not just a flake broker. Our comprehensive project analysis will make you look like a commercial real estate expert.

Time Saver. Money Maker
Intermediaries love our modelers because you can spend more time focusing on closing deals and less time creating financial analyses. Our user-friendly models allow you to simply input the numbers and our pre-formulated spreadsheets give you the answers needed to sell the deal to investors.

The Cold, Hard Numbers
Nothing sells a deal, like the cold, hard numbers. And that’s exactly what your investors will get. From the loan assumptions and waterfall structure to the return analysis, this modeler will give investors exactly what they want to see.

What’s Included

Dandrew Media is passionate about helping our Intermediaries to be ultra-successful in commercial real estate. With over 20 years in the business, we’ve been around the block a time or two, and we know what it takes to attract investors and close the deal. Work our system and you too can live a prosperous life fueled by commercial real estate investing.

With the purchase of your modeler, you’ll receive:

• Instructional DVD
• Modeler Training Manual
• Fully- Customizable Modeler


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