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Sales Desk Espionage™

Sales Desk Espionage™

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How can you expect success in commercial real estate
if you don’t know what deals are being bought and funded in today’s market?
Sales Desk Espionage is your exclusive deal sourcing system.

From the moment you wake up until the last call of the night; Sales Desk Espionage will keep you focused, organized and on-track ensuring that you have a steady stream of business.

The four detailed training modules in the Sales Desk Espionage system is a must-have desktop resource for all Intermediaries who are beginning their career in real estate investing or for seasoned investors who are in need of a refresher course in today’s market. In addition to covering the entire commercial real estate funding lifecycle, this system discusses in considerable detail where the deals are that are getting funded and bought today. Crucial marketing techniques are taught making sure you walk away from this tutorial knowing exactly how to target this newfound source of business.


“The will to win, the desire to succeed,
the urge to reach your full potential…
these are the keys that will unlock the door
to personal excellence.”
– Eddie Robinson

Intermediaries Will Learn:

Wall Street Secrets Exposed
Our years of experience on Wall Street and industry knowledge allows us to teach you in great detail exactly what deals are being bought and sold today, who to target and how to approach them.

Marketing Plan of Action
Beneficial sales & marketing strategies are revealed showing Intermediaries exactly how to target industry professionals.

Funding Lifecycle
The entire commercial real estate funding lifecycle is illustrated, including a special case study showing a rare, inside view of how the deal was identified and closed, from the first call to funding.

Tools for Success
Helpful checklists and infographics are provided for quick and easy reference so Intermediaries know each day what they need to be doing, when and how.

Vital Financing Strategies
A step-by-step look at the entire financing process accompanied with tactical decision-making strategies. Most deals fall apart during this phase, so knowing what to expect is the key to funding success.

Bonus Material

With the purchase of Sales Desk Espionage™ you’ll also receive NINE bonus Infographics!

Dandrew Media’s Infographics were created with one main goal: To keep our Intermediaries organized by not just telling them “what to do” but to show them exactly “how to do it”. Specially designed to keep our Intermediaries working smarter not harder, each Infographic is the ultimate desktop resource that you need to keep your pipeline full, deals progressing and successful closes. Our colorful, user-friendly Infographics were designed to print out at an impressive size of 17” x 11” and hang on your office wall.


Periodic Table of Residential REO NPL Asset Tapes
Asset-Level Tapes are are a “tell all” novel into the inner workings of a lender. It’s essential that every Intermediary develops a strong understanding of these spreadsheets. If you don’t know how to decipher asset tapes you’ll quickly find yourself knee deep in a commercial real estate nightmare. Every time you need to read a tape it’s imperative you refer to this Infographic.


The Distressed Asset Lifecycle
Distressed assets are some of the most profitable deals you’ll ever work on. Familiarizing yourself with the financing intricacies surrounding the distressed asset is key to your success in this industry. Whether you’re on the phone or about to walk into a meeting, having this informative Infographic will keep the distressed asset lifecycle on the forefront of your thought process. There are so many pieces to the commercial financing puzzle. Are you prepared?


Asset Class Review
Don’t settle for being familiar with commercial real estate practices, become an authority in all aspects of the industry. Asset Class Review is your go-to blueprint comparing the four main asset categories. If you don’t know these assets and their differentiating factors, then you need this informative Infographic hanging in your office.


Commercial Non Performing Note – Issues to Consider
When purchasing a non-performing commercial note there are many issues that every Intermediary must consider. This informative Infographic was developed to ensure that you don’t drop the ball and carelessly make a mistake during the purchase. If you’re working with non-performing notes, this is a must-have Infographic. Effective due diligence is the key to every deals success.


Deal Book
We say it over and over: Get Organized! You will never be successful in commercial real estate if you can’t keep your contacts and files organized. Everything needs to be documented and information stored in a systematic, time-efficient manner. Infographic: Deal Book will significantly improve your time management and organizational skills.


Deal Structuring – 30k in 30 days
This deal structuring Infographic is no joke. If you follow these five steps you will successfully close a wholesale commercial real estate transaction, making you 30k in 30 days. Enough said.


Different Types of Commercial Real Estate Transactions
You have a commercial project. Now what? Laying the foundation is critical as you begin a career in commercial real estate. Your knowledge of these basics will have a direct correlation to your success and ability to prosper in this line of work. Understanding the different asset classes and financing transactions is where you need to begin your education. Take advantage of this detailed chart and kickstart your commercial real estate career.


Pyramid of Priority
This Infographic is hands down the most informative blueprint we offer for sourcing deals. It reveals the industry’s best tips and tricks for finding deals and how to build rapport with the people who are sitting on a gold mine. You can’t afford to go one more day without incorporating these techniques into your marketing plan.


Search & Rescue or Destroy Marketing
Calling a potential client is far more effective than sending an e-mail in this competitive high-dollar environment. How do your phone skills measure up? This Infographic gives Intermediaries a thorough sales training offering industry-tested closing techniques that’ll exponentially increase your closing ratios. Need a call script that’ll actually work? Yeah, it has that too.

The Real Estate Asset Arbitrage Series

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