Todd Mitchell – OptionsMD-StartUpEdition


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Todd Mitchell – OptionsMD-StartUpEdition

Todd Mitchell – OptionsMD-StartUpEdition

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For traders starting with Options or still struggling to understand them …

These Simple Shortcuts Ensure You Make Consistent Cash Flow Almost Immediately … Regardless of How the Market Moves

In fact, if you don’t find this to be the quickest and easiest way to successfully learn the fundamentals for successfully trading Options, you can have the entire training for FREE!

Dear Friend,

For years now, I’ve been telling people how it really is an unfair trading world.

On one hand, you have traders who bust their butts … devour the latest books … spend hours studying charts … and watch trends like a hungry hawk …

Only to see the market steal their money.

On the other hand, there are those who seem to have found a better way – even some who are relative newbies to Options trading.

I’m talking about the people who make trading look easy. It’s like they have a natural ability to predict the market’s future. So they make consistent income almost from the start.

In their world, money and time have a different meaning – and there are plenty of both to more than satisfy their needs.

No worries about extra income, retirement or the grind of a 9-to-5 job.

It just doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Now, you’ve probably noticed a few of these people. And my guess is, you want to experience their same success.

What I want you to understand right now is … you can.

You see, I’m living proof.

It wasn’t all that long ago I shared your same thoughts. In fact, back in 2002, I was stuck in the corporate world with a tanked trading account and sinking retirement savings.

Let me show you the mistakes to avoid.

We don’t have time to dig into my entire story here, but the reality is, I’ve made many mistakes – and I don’t mind showing you how (and why) I lost money trading the markets.

After all, if I can help you shortcut your path to Options trading success, then it’s likely you’ll pay the favor forward …

Just as I’m doing right now.

As you’d expect from someone who’s traded full time – and made a consistent full-time income – since 2005, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

For example, inside my Options MD – Startup Edition program, you’ll discover …

  • The right way to trade Options by learning to trade with an edge right out of the gate
  • How to profit from what Albert Einstein calls “The most powerful force in the Universe” (Module 6)
  • Simple income trades for pulling consistent and repeatable profit from the markets
  • A powerful strategy that forces you to “think backwards” so you instantly get paid to place a trade (Module 8)
  • The secret behind Warren Buffett’s billion-dollar trading technique and how you can trade it too (Module 2)
  • How Options pricing works, including a little cheat sheet for making it almost fool-proof to understand (Module 3)
  • The strategy that changed my life and raised me from mediocrity to one of the top Options traders
  • How to almost guarantee you only use the Options strategies that match the market you trade
  • The truth about the “Options is risky” myth and why, when you really understand Options, you see it’s one of the safest strategies available (Module 2)
  • How to pay out claims without taking a huge hit on your profits (Module 7)
  • A 7-step checklist detailing the must-know factors for a profitable directional trade (Module 9)
  • In-the-money? At-the-money? Out-of-the-money? What these phrases mean and the key advantages of each (Module 3)
  • Why the popular trading strategies from 1985-2000 are practically destroying independent investors – but, strangely, are still sold as “good strategies” by certain financial gurus
  • How to make a consistent income by breaking away from the “buy low, sell high” paradigm (Module 4)
  • Why the next 10 years will produce the best time to pull cash from the markets
  • How to manage your risk for the new millennium
  • What “expiration” really means and how to use it to your advantage (Module 8)
  • The easiest way to understand the Options Chain like a pro (Module 2)
  • How to simply “underwrite” your policy in fewer than 30 minutes a day (Module 7)
  • A little-understood Options strategy that creates profits in just a few days (Module 9)
  • The keys to financial freedom – how to make money work for you instead of you working for money
  • What insiders know about trading Options – and why keeping this tip a secret ensures the other guys take the other side of our trades (Module 4)
  • How to make sense of intrinsic versus time value on the Options Chain (Module 3)
  • How to create a regular income by trading Options (Module 1)
  • What it means to buy “stocks on steroids” and how to make the process work for you (Module 8)
  • Why Delta can be a trader’s best friend and how to use it to your advantage (Module 4)
  • The difference between trading and gambling and how to build a statistical edge (Module 2)
  • How to pre-screen your initial “fishing hole” to quickly narrow your choices (Module 9)
  • A little-understood way to make more money using 75 times less capital than everyone else (Module 8)
  • The #1 rule for trade expiration – ignore this rule and it will cost you (Module 3)
  • Easy-to-understand grassroots Options trading – and how to use the “power tools” of the market (Module 2)
  • What the NCAA championship basketball game can teach you about Options pricing (Module 3)
  • 6 steps for screening and qualifying a high-probability trade (Module 9)
  • How to buy a stock on layaway for a fraction of the price (Module 4)
  • How to buy a stock for next to nothing and sell it as fast for a huge gain (Module 4)
  • Buying versus selling Options – and the right way to trade Options “gurus” don’t tell you (Module 2)
  • What’s the cornerstone of an income trading strategy and how you can also use this to accumulate stock shares at a major discount (Module 5)
  • The Income Pyramid for maximum cash flow in full detail (Module 6)
  • How to get paid instantly, instead of waiting for a stock to move (Module 7)
  • How to really trade stocks like a professional without getting duped into the rookie’s game (Module 5)
  • How to build consistent growth and protect your capital by acting as an insurance company for the U.S. stock market (Module 7)
  • How to build and set up your own watch list (Module 9)
  • How to generate cash flow and income RIGHT NOW … and build a plan for replacing your salary with your trading income (Module 6)

With this program, you immediately have the tools to become a successful Options trader. I give you the know-how, tips and truth about how to make consistent cash flow.

And to make sure you’re on top of every trade …

The Options MD – Startup Edition is delivered in 10 modules. Each one includes a written PDF and a training video.

So whether you like learning by reading, watching or listening, you get the training in a way that works best for you.

And here’s the thing …

Your modules also include access to my online trading community, so you can interact with other students.

Review trades … share challenges … gather feedback …

Whatever you need, you have a team of high-level traders willing to help. It’s like having your own mastermind group of top performers.

I also give you several years of trade examples – both winners and losers – so you see strategies used on actual trades (in all types of market conditions).

And because everyone learns at different speeds …

You have lifetime access to the entire program, including all the training modules.

You’ll have access to the latest updates every time I add material. That way you always have the latest tips and strategies for making consistent profits.

Of course, even with all this in place to ensure your success, you still may be skeptical …

And that’s understandable.

You’ve likely heard about mentors who disappear the moment you buy their course. Heck, maybe you’ve experienced this nightmare yourself.

The truth is, I’m committed to your success – and I’ll prove it.

You see, when you’re my student, you get unlimited online support from me. You’re free to ask me any questions to improve your trading.

I respond to student inquiries every day. So if you’re serious about succeeding at Options trading, I’m here to help you master the skills whenever you need me.

Other than my mentoring programs, the only other people who have direct access to me are my one-on-one coaching clients who must pay me $1,000 an hour for advice. You get it for simply being an Options MD – Startup Edition student.

And here’s why now is the ideal time to shortcut your path to Options trading success:

You get all this for only $297.

No, this small investment is not part of a payment plan. You pay just $297 for lifetime access to the OptionsMD – Start-Up Edition.

And that’s not all.

You can also …

Try Options MD – Startup Edition Risk-Free for the Next Month

That’s right. Join the training today, and I’ll immediately give you access to everything.

Take the next 30 days to try the videos and printed modules … the trading community … the mentoring from me … the regular updates … and much more.

If at any time during the next month, you don’t believe the training is worth at least 10 times your investment, simply send me a note and I’ll rush you a 100% refund.

No questions asked.

Why do I go to such great lengths to ensure you’re completely comfortable with this program?

Because during the last 10 years of showing people how to make money from the markets, I’ve learned that my reputation is only as good as the traders whose careers I help launch.

Take action today and you’re guaranteed to start building consistent cash flow.

Try Options MD – Startup Edition today.


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