Tradimo – C Programming for the fair part 1


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Tradimo – C Programming for the fair part 1

Tradimo – C Programming for the fair part 1

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C Programming for the fair part 1

The C Programming is a powerful tool to develop their own trading strategies, test and optimize. All trading strategies of trading Stars based precisely on such C programs. C programs expect about 10,000 times faster than Excel and 100x faster than backtests in MQL4. Strategies that are designed to have a solid foundation and you know all the “constraints”. That means you now know exactly how the so-developed strategy has proved in the past. (a guarantee of future success, it is of course not)

In the first part of the three-part webinar series (each part consists of more than 9 Einzelwebinaren) you will learn all about the C programming. We first start with the basics of C programming. This involves concretely:

  • Using the compiler and editor
  • Basics of C programming: data types, looping, branching, functions and file operations
  • Practical example: trading strategy based on an EMA’s

We look always targeted to the market environment to accurately learn what we actually need later.


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