Tradimo – Programmieren mit NinjaTrader


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Tradimo – Programmieren mit NinjaTrader

Tradimo – Programmieren mit NinjaTrader

Price : $225/month
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Programming NinjaTrader

In online course Introduction to Programming with NinjaTrader 7 , find out in about 8 hours of video , how to deal with the trading platform, NinjaTrader.Learn to create your own indicators and trading systems. After this course you can program yourself and create indicators and reuse your trading decisions in logical sequences. Go into C # and NinjaTrader and design their own automated trading approaches.

For whom is the course is:

  • Traders who want to learn programming traders who want to create your own indicators and trading systems
  • Traders who want to get an overview to object orientation and NinjaTrader
  • want to understand programmers who deal with NinjaTrader and interfaces (API)
  • Anyone looking for an insight into NinjaTrader and programming in order

For whom the price is not suitable:

  • Traders who want to work as a modular system of NinjaTrader with the Strategy Wizard
  • Programmers who want to C # and .NET erlenen to the last detail

Excerpt of topics

  • Introduction to Programming and Object Orientation (classes, methods, data types, inheritance, etc.)
  • Meeting of the development process
  • Explained NinjaTrader IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Event handling of NinjaTrader, IOrder objects Initialize parameters
  • Examples based ready and custom indicators and strategies
  • Developing a Strategy templates for reuse
  • Advanced Topics: Unmanaged approach, multi-timeframe approach, partial fill-handling, Proper backtesting


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